Society Members

Richard Howard

Richard Howard and Lucy

Hi. I am Richard. I have 3 children, Lucy who is in Year 4, William and Katie who have been through St Pius and moved on to High School. I teach school swimming on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You can often identify me, as I am the one hobbling around with a rugby injury.

Rachael Dunderdale
(Vice Chair)

Rachael Dunderdale and her daughters

Hi! I'm Rachael. I have 2 daughters, Isabella (Year 4) and Emilia (Year 3). I've been part of the Parents Society since Isabella was in reception! I'm currently a Masters student at UCLAN and in my spare time (all 20 minutes of it) I like to go running and my favourite event of the year is the fireworks!

Michael Dunderdale

Michael Dunderdale and his daughters

Hi! I'm Mike. I'm married to Rachael (Vice Chair). I work away from home during the week as an Enterprise Architect, so at the weekend I enjoy spending time with the family and catching the odd glimpse of F1!

Natalie Hookam-Foy

Natalie Hookam-Foy

Hi, I am Natalie. My Husband Nick and I have two boys, Reuben who is in Reception and Remy who will be starting in the nursery next year. I work in HR, Recruitment and Admin and sell Health and Fitness products.

Polly Boardman

Polly Boardman and Seth

Hi I'm Polly, Seth's Mum, I work part-time as a school secretary alongside teacher training in the SEMH sector. I am a keen genealogist and local historian. I have been on the Parents Society since our son started school here.

Natalie Westhead

Natalie Westhead and Alfie

Hi I'm Natalie. I have 1 son, Alfie, in year 1. I work in the manufacturing engineering department at Leyland Trucks. In my spare time, which isn't much, I like to play netball!

Sarah Thornton

Sara Thornton

Sarah Thornton, Mam of Elvi in Prep P and Bobby in LA1. Long time admirer first time contribute to the parents society. Like everyone else, I spend most of my time catering to my children's social diary. In my own time I enjoy watching and playing football, attempting to bake and keeping local Italian restaurants in business

Kim Horton

Kim Horton and Joshua

Hi I'm Kim Horton. My son Joshua is in Year 6. I am a nurse and currently manage a local care home.

Dunni Atalabi

Dunni Atalabi and her sons

Hi, I am Dunni Atalabi. I have 2 lovely children. Kiitan is in year 1 and Jola is in preschool. In my free time I like cooking, dancing and playing with my gorgeous babies.

Fatima Surma-Débar

I have 2 boys at St Pius school, Haris (Year 4) & Zayd (Reception)

Sathiyapriya Kandasamy

Hi I'm Sathiyapriya, I have 2 children at St Pius, Thejas in year 6 and Tanishka in year 1.